Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Student Masterpieces from Today’s Education

Saya ingin berkongsi satu penulisan yang berkaitan dengan profesionalisme perguruan. Bentuk penulisan ini bukanlah merupakan sajak tetapi lebih mirip kepada gurindam, walau pun dalam bahasa Inggeris. Ia merupakan satu luahan hati murid terhadap guru. Semoga penulisan ini dapat memberikan sedikit gambaran kepada kita sebagai seorang guru terhadap apa yang dikehendaki dan dirasai oleh seseorang murid. Petikan ini adalah daripada Student Masterpieces from Today’s Education.
Teachers come in many sizes and shapes – large, small, young, old, tired, fresh, black, white, rich, poor. Some are kind, and some are not. Those who are mean are stinky. Some teachers know how to make you feel bad all over, deep down. Some help you not to afraid; others keep you scared all the time. Some show you what you might try; others tell you that you can’t do it. They are no-no teachers. They’re stinky. Lots of teachers go to college after they finish teaching you to see if they can learn some more. Some learns; some don’t. some its helps; some it don’t. those who don’t try to learn and understand are stinky. Some teachers make you want to come to school every day; some teachers make you want to skip out as often as you can. I’ve had two who made me wish I had school on Saturday. I’ve been lucky. Some kids never find teachers like that. Some bring you lots of things to work with; others make you stay in your seat and fill in the blanks and memorize stuff. Those teachers are stinky. They say stinky words, give you stinky looks, and grade you on stinky report cards. Some teachers are great. Like I say, I had two like that. They put bandage on my hurts – on my heart, on my mind, on my spirit. Those teachers care about me and let me know it. They gave me wings.

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